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NOTE: If your email client allows, you can click the name of the volunteer to send them a message. Or you can copy and paste their address into your email client. For information about each volunteer, click their profile link to be taken to their profile page on the SCBWI website!


Jerilyn Patterson, Co-Regional Advisor (see profile)

Dow Phumiruk, Co-Regional Regional Advisor (see profile)

Andrea Wang, Assistant Regional Advisor (see

Karen “Kaz” Windness, Illustrator Coordinator (see profile)


Letters & Lines Fall Conference

Heather Brockman Lee, Assistant Illustrator Coordinator (see profile)

Lindsay Eland, Registrar (see profile)

Sally Spear, Assistant Registrar (see profile)

Carissa Mina, Conference Faculty Concierge (see profile)

Ana Crespo, Speaker Shepherd Coordinator & Conference Day Helper (see profile)

Dustin Resch, Assistant Facilities/AV Coordinator (see profile)

Carrie Seidel, Conference Merchandise & Book Sales Coordinator (see profile)

Denise Schurr Manuscript Critique Coordinator (see profile)

Carissa Mina, Critique Connect Coordinator(see profile)

Ida Olson, Historian & PAL Video Coordinator (see profile)


Big Sur in the Rockies & Spring Workshops

Jerilyn Patterson, Registrar (see profile)


Local Area Events (Connect!)


South Denver/Littleton Connect:  Judy Rose (see profile) and Susan Wroble (see profile)

Boulder Connect: Laura Perdew

Northern Colorado/Fort Collins

Julie Rowan-Zoch (see profile

Colorado Springs Connect

Cindy Boyll (see profile) and Karen Morgan (see profile)

Durango Connect

Jennifer Mason (see profile)

Western Slope Connect

Wendi Silvano (see profile)

LGBTQ Connect

Need a volunteer! Contact the Co-RAs for more information.

Writing for Young Adults Connect

Rachel Jensen (see profile) and Ida Olson (see profile)

Illustrator Connect/Events

Karen “Kaz” Windness, Illustrator Coordinator (see profile)

Stan Yan, Assistant Illustrator Coordinator (see profile)


Michelle Begley Mentor Program

Tracy Abell, Coordinator (see profile) and The Roosters (Michelle’s critique group)


Communications, Publicity, and Outreach

Shelly Steig, Director of Member Communications & Publicity, Kite Tales Newsletter (see profile)

Coral Jenrette, Assistant Director of Member Communications, Good News & Events (see profile)

Christine DeHerrera, Publicist (see profile)

Rondi Frieder Exhibits Coordinator and PAL Liaison (see profile)

Denise Vega, Webmaster (see profile)