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RMC Speaker List

Our 2017 Speaker List is available!

Our authors and illustrators have a lot of experience speaking to large groups, schools, and at libraries in addition to some providing writing/revising or illustrating sessions. Note that some authors and/or illustrators speak to different levels and that will be noted in the booklet. Inclusion in the booklet was voluntary and doesn't represent all members available for speaking engagements.

The downloadable Speaker List includes authors and illustrators who will come to your school, library, or organization to present to students or adults.  Adobe® Reader®

Beside each author or illustrator you will see a key like the one below:











This key shows you the school level(s) to which the author or illustrator speaks, whether they are available to speak on a panel, and whether they can engage in a Skype or “virtual” visit.

Unless otherwise noted, all authors and illustrators speak to groups of adults as well. This may include writing classes, librarians, teachers, etc.

All authors and illustrators listed have SCBWI P.A.L. membership status, meaning they have been published professionally based on an approved list of publishers or production companies established by the SCBWI.

Note that some authors/illustrators speak to more than one educational level.

An index at the back lists speakers based on the following:

EDUCATIONAL LEVELS: Elementary, Middle School, High School

OTHER: Panel, Skype


NOTE: This list is a representative sampling of our Published and Listed (PAL) membership. Inclusion was voluntary so not all PAL members are listed. If you'd like to see and search a complete list of all of our members who are available to speak, click here.