Durango Connect: The Writer’s Arch Ally

Date(s) - 05/13/2017
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Jenny Mason's house
RSVP for address - Durango, CO

“A basic structural design underlies every kind of writing,” says E. B. White. “You raise a pup tent from one sort of vision, a cathedral from another.” Whether you’re writing a picturebook, a middle grade mystery, or a YA historical romance cookbook, selecting a robust structure is crucial. Structures keep your plot aloft, organize scenes, map motivation, and trigger conflict. Without a solid structure, many stories—and their writers—collapse. Surprisingly, a dynamic structure can spark a story you never dreamed of telling. At this Connect, writers are invited to share and hear information about the popular and reliable 3-act structure; however, room will also be made for other structures including (and not limited to) the 7-act diagram, the 12-step formula, and the 22-point framework. We may also try generating material using other structural oddballs like the lowercase e, the acrostic (or abecedarian), the braid, and the hermit crab.


What to bring:
1. A snack to share
2. Your tips, tricks, and know-how for good structures
3. Pen/pencil and paper
4. One or more items with “utilitarian” writing (a soup can label, an instruction manual, a warranty, the newspaper classifieds, a grocery list, a to-do list, liner notes from CD/vinyl/cassette, the Nutrition Facts segment of any packaged food, crossword puzzle clues, horoscopes, recipes, a sales brochure, table of contents, index, a boilerplate contract—the sky’s the limit!). 


Please RSVP by emailing Jenny (jen.michelle.mason@gmail.com).