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Deadline for inclusion in 2022 Bookstore: 11:59 pm on Saturday, July 30, 2022

If you are an SCBWI member, have a children’s book you’ve authored or illustrated, and will be attending the Fall Conference on September 10-11, 2022, BRAVO! Huzzah! Congratulations! This qualifies you to have one title included in the member book sale during conference weekend. Due to the popularity of this offering, the book table can only accept books that have been registered by 11:59pm Saturday, July 30, 2022. Because we have to ensure books arrive on time, and we have to pre-plan our space, there will be no exceptions to this deadline. 

Please note a few important rules: 

*Only members who are attending the conference may have their book sold at the conference. SCBWI rules + limited space allow for only one title per non-faculty attendee.

*Please follow the “to register” instructions to the letter (see below!).

*Please meet the unbreakable deadline, Saturday, July 30, 2022. We want to see your book in our store! ❤ 

Carrie Seidel is our Book Sales Coordinator and your single point of contact. Please direct all book sales-related questions to her at whispurr_s@hotmail.comPLEASE do NOT send requests directly to The Wandering Jellyfish as this creates logistical challenges that may result in your book being excluded from sales. 


Our 2022 Conference Bookstore: The Wandering Jellyfish 

We are thrilled to welcome The Wandering Jellyfish as our conference bookstore! The Wandering Jellyfish is a locally-owned, community-oriented indie bookshop in historic Downtown Niwot, Colorado. Please note that The Wandering Jellyfish will only be able to obtain books that are readily available, so some titles may have to be supplied by the author and sold on consignment. These include out-of-print titles and titles published by some smaller companies (Carrie Seidel will let you know if this is an issue when she confirms the order). 
Special note: DO NOT contact The Wandering Jellyfish directly for this event, even if you have a working relationship with them. All inquiries and requests regarding book sales should be sent to Carrie, the Book Sales Coordinator. 


Instructions To Register for the Book Sale

After you register for the conference, please send a registration request email to our Book Sales Coordinator, Carrie Seidel at


Please format your email as follows:

EMAIL SUBJECT LINE: “Book Sale” (just type Book Sale in subject line to make sure your registration doesn’t get deleted or sorted into spam) 


Include the following information in the body of your email: 

Full name 

Mailing address 

Phone number and/or e-mail address in case we have questions or have problems ordering. 


Title you would like The Wandering Jellyfish to order, or books you will be bringing. Please include the following information: 

Book Title 


Hardback or Paperback 

Retail price 


Double check that you provided all the information, and then rest assured; you’re in good hands with Carrie! 


If email isn’t the way you like to operate, snail-mail your book registration so it arrives before July 30, 2022, including the above info to: 

Carrie Seidel, Book Sales Coordinator, 13314 Shiloh Rd., Conifer, CO 80433 

Questions? Contact Carrie: Text or leave message: 720-236-7895 


Sample Registration Request

Email subject line: Book Sales 

Body of email: 

Jane Jones 1111 S. Main St. Anytown, Co 80011 


CATS IN THE CUPBOARD ISBN: 978-0-86421-069-7 Generic Press HB $12.99 


NOTE: If the Book Sales Coordinator does not have all your information, she will be unable to process your registration request. 


Title Limit: One 

Per SCBWI rules, all non-faculty members attending the conference may sell ONE title through our conference bookstore. You will need to be present for the 4:30pm-5:00 pm book signing on Saturday evening of the conference (Special circumstances? Please contact Carrie Seidel if you are unable to attend the signing). 

Special Instructions for Authors Selling Books on Consignment: 

Once you have registered following the procedure above, please follow these steps: 

Fill out the consignment form: TWJ RMC Consignment Form 2022  

Or type in your browser:

Email the consignment form electronically along with your registration request to 

Bring all copies of your book to the conference no later than 7:45 AM on September 10, 2022. Staff from RMC-SCBWI and The Wandering Jellyfish will be there as early as 7:00 a.m. to check you in. 

Check in your books with staff at the book table. Copies will be counted with you before displaying them and you will be asked to initial the consignment form to confirm. RMC-SCBWI Book staffers will arrange the books. Please don’t rearrange your books once they have been set up. 

Sales: The Wandering Jellyfish will handle ALL sales at the conference. No private sales by authors (or the author’s spouse, children, grandmother, Golden Retriever, etc.) are allowed. This can create confusion and undermines the hard work The Wandering Jellyfish does for our chapter. 

Reconcile books (pertains only to books sold on consignment): At the end of the conference, authors and illustrators selling on consignment will receive a copy of the consignment form for their records after the books have been recounted. All remaining consigned books must be picked up by the end of the conference. Any books that are not picked up will be donated to libraries or local charities. 

Receive payment: Once sales have been completely tallied (which may take a few weeks or more—please be patient), The Wandering Jellyfish will send you a check for the total commission amount. Note: Books purchased and sold by The Wandering Jellyfish at the conference will be reflected on authors’ or illustrators’ royalty statements and authors/illustrators will not receive payment for these sales from RMC-SCBWI or The Wandering Jellyfish.