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Art by Karen Windness

Welcome to the Letters & Lines Conference FAQ page! If after reading this page you don't find an answer to one of your questions, ask our registrar, Lindsay Eland at

Q: I forgot which breakouts I registered for. Where do I find that information?
A: You can find your booking record on your profile page. Go to "Events History" and click on "View Registration Confirmation" in the 2017 Letters & Lines row. This will show you everything you registered for, including your lunch choice.
Q: I'm registered for a Sunday Post-Conference Intensive. Where do I pick up my lunch?
A: Boxed Lunches will be distributed after the closing keynote in the far hallway past the ballroom. You will receive a ticket at registration for a boxed lunch. Please note: Boxed lunches are ONLY for attendees who have registered and paid for the additional offering of a Post-Conference Intensive.
Q: How do I get my lunch on Saturday?
A: Attendees registered for Saturday will receive a lunch ticket with their registration packet. Please keep this ticket and put near the side of your plate once you are seated for lunch in the ballroom.
Q: I really want to bring my friend/spouse/significant other/cousin's brother's dog to the Saturday Night Social. They can come with me, right?
A: Only attendees who have registered and paid for Saturday are invited to the Saturday night social. We have budgeted for a specific number of people and it wouldn't be fair to take someone else's paid spot.
Q: Can I bring a friend to lunch if they pay for their food?
A: No. Our conference is sold out and spots are reserved only for those in attendance at the conference. Under no circumstances may outside guests be let into any portion of the conference.
Q: I’m not going to go to the Saturday Night Social, so may I give my ticket to somebody else?
A: No portion of the conference is transferable.
Q: I’m only going to attend the morning sessions on Saturday, so may I give my ticket to my daughter for the afternoon sessions?
A: No portion of the conference is transferable.
Q: I’ve signed up for a critique, but I can’t submit my pages on time, however someone in my critiquing group is ready to submit. Can I give them my critique slot?
A: No portion of the conference is transferable.
Q: I have a food allergy. What do I do?
A:  We’ve worked hard to select lunch options to meet many dietary needs, however we know there are those of us with specific concerns. All of our lunch options are located on the schedule page, with detailed descriptions. If you need to change your lunch option, please contact our registrar before September 15, 2017. Please also refer to our policies page regarding our food policy.
Q: What do I wear? Is there a dress code?
A: First and foremost, wear something you feel comfortable and confident in. We don't have a dress code, however we suggest business casual. Keep in mind that you might not feel as confident in something as casual as sweatpants when you're trying to have a conversation with your dream editor or favorite author. It's also a good idea to bring layers as the temperature can fluctuate, and wear comfortable shoes.
Q: I didn't register in time to get a manuscript critique/portfolio review. How do I connect with an agent or editor?
A: Each faculty member hosts a table at lunch. Do your best to secure a spot at the table of your choice. Also be ready to mingle at the book signing and social hour. Before the conference, read the faculty bios, books, or online interviews and be ready to engage in authentic conversations. These are the best ways to make a connection.
Q: Can I give an agent or editor my manuscript while at the conference or show them my illustrations? Will I be able to pitch to them?
A: We strive to give our attendees as many opportunities as possible to network with industry professionals and published authors. Agents and editors love connecting with writers and illustrators, but please keep a few important guidelines in mind when having a conversation with an agent or editor:
1. Keep conversations brief and courteous. It's okay to strike up a conversation and briefly mention what you write or illustrate, but if an agent or editor doesn't ask for more information, don't press them with further details. And don’t stress if that faculty member doesn’t ask more on the spot; sometimes they feel overloaded at a conference of our size. But please know, the editors and agents who attend our conference do open their doors to submissions for our conference attendees (even if their website says they are closed to submissions) and each year we hear of members whose manuscripts are acquired or who receive offers of representation.
2. Be aware that others would also like interact with the agents. Invite others into your conversations and try not to monopolize someone's time unfairly.
3. Remember that more than anything, conferences are an opportunity for you to network with everyone–including fellow writers and illustrators! While it's exciting to receive a positive response to a pitch, critique, or review, the relationships you forge with your peers can be just as important in shaping your career, if not more so. 
4. Many of our editors and agents have traveled far distances to be on faculty at our conference. Please don't hand them manuscripts, book dummies, or illustrations unless they specifically ask for them. They don't have room in their carry-ons to lug everyone's manuscript on the plane with them and with technology, most publishing professionals now work in a paper-free environment.
5. Above all, be courteous and follow the golden rule–treat them as you would like to be treated.