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November 2017 Member Good News

Our members have been busy receiving kudos, having books published, winning awards, and more!

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Golden Pen Finalists

This year at our Letters & Lines conference, faculty members selected 10 outstanding  manuscripts to be our Golden Pen Award finalists. The authors of these manuscripts not only have bragging rights, but also the opportunity to be selected as the winner. One winner will be chosen by a committee of three judges. The winning author’s manuscript will be announced in November and that winner will receive free conference tuition to our 2018 Letters and Lines conference. Congratulations to the following finalists:

  • Cara Davies, Homestead
  • Megan E. Freeman, Lone Girl
  • Ashley Hastings, Blame It on the Cow
  • Katy Hess, The Pirate’s Hand
  • Lori Himmel, Waiting for Kai
  • Ann Morris, Thin
  • Paula Obering, Grizzly Bird
  • Laura Perdew, Undercurrents
  • Nancy D. Riley, Chaska and the Great Flood
  • Laura Wynkoop, Deer, Bear and Bicycle


Karen Cotton’s book signing on Oct. 14 at Barnes in Noble Cheyenne, Wyoming was a success. Lots of people showed up, bought books and met first responders, such as the K-9 Unit and Fire Department of Laramie County. Proceeds were raised for the K-9 Unit and Sunrise Elementary School.


Ariane Peveto illustrated THE UGLY DUCKLING for Amerlish, an American English school based in Beijing, China, for use in classrooms.


Andrea Wang’s picture book, MAGIC RAMEN, sold at auction to Kristin Zelazko at Little Bee Books. The book shows readers the historical context, scientific experimentation, and spirit of determination and charity that led Momofuku Ando to invent instant ramen. Kana Urbanowicz will illustrate; publication is planned for spring 2019.