Mentorship Timeline


October 1 – November 30:  Application submissions
Dec 10: Notifications
Dec 15: Complete mss mailed to your mentor, balance due


January – June: Mentorship
Summer: Mentor Program Picnic (date and place TBA)

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Our local chapter wants to help you succeed; it’s what we’re here for.  The Mentor Program was born of the desire among our members for intensive one-on-one craft focus.  It’s designed for the unpublished writer or illustrator who feels their work is possibly-perhaps-maybe close to ready for submissions to editors and agents.  Or maybe you’ve already submitted heavily but receive those so-called “positive” rejections.  Or perhaps your critique group is stumped why you’re not published already.  If any of this sounds familiar, the Mentor Program may be for you.

The mentors we’ve selected are all as generous as they are talented.  They, too, want to help you succeed in the crazy, frustrating, and wonderful world of writing and illustrating for children.  They’ve been through the rigors of revision and rejection.  They know the frustrations you face.  And in spite of their busy schedules and deadlines, these people want help you through some hard spots in your journey of honing your craft.

This program is not a promise you’ll be published.  But if you work hard and give the mentorship all of your best effort, your craft will improve.

Please take the time to visit each mentor’s website.  With your application, you must select one or two mentors to whom your work will be submitted. Use the tabs above to read about the mentors and find the best fit for you and your work.


RMC-SCBWI Full members (includes self-published, POD, etc), Associate members, and PAL members who are not yet published in the genre in which they wish to be  mentored (e.g., a PAL author who has picture books published, but would like help working on a novel or a PAL author who has published novels, but would like to learn to write picture books. PAL authors cannot be published or under contract for the genre in which they would like to be mentored).

What to Expect

The actual mentorship lasts six months (see timeline at right), beginning with your original submission directly to your mentor once you’ve been accepted.  During the mentorship, you communicate with your mentor at least once per month via e-mail, phone, or in-person if you and your mentor so choose.
Expect to work hard on your manuscript(s) with the goal of revision completion by the end of the mentorship. Be open to constructive criticism and be prepared for intensive critique.

COST: $400, with a $100 deposit.  The deposit is refundable if you are not accepted.

NOTE: This is a blind application process; mentors will not know whose work they’re reading. Your name will appear ONLY on your application form, and you will be assigned a number for your work sample, synopsis, and artist statement. Mentors select mentees based on the application, artist statement, and manuscripts or illustrations they have received.

Email our Mentor Program Coordinator Michelle Pumphrey
Or if you have many questions, an old-fashioned phone call:  303-465-2380.

Application Tips

• Send only your best, most polished work

• Follow manuscript formatting guidelines

• Read the books or check out the art of the mentors to help find a match