Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Region!

The Rocky Mountain Chapter includes both Colorado and Wyoming. We have over 500 members, with just over 400 of those designating themselves as writers and about 100 as illustrators or writer-illustrators. Of the 500, about 320 are Associate members and 180 are either Full or PAL (Published and Listed) members. Many of our members are award-winners, both locally and nationally.

Letters & Lines is our annual Fall Conference, generally held the third weekend in September. You can find out more about the Fall Conference here.

We try to have a summer retreat every other year and hope to continue to bring "Big Sur in the Rockies" to our region, as well as other events throughout the year, including schmoozes and specialized workshops such as writing picture books or plotting the novel.

We are also experimenting with webinars so that our members who are far away can benefit from the expertise of authors, illustrators, editors, and agents!

Frequently Asked Questions
About the Rocky Mountain Chapter

Is there a separate membership for the Rocky Mountain Chapter?
No. Once you join SCBWI, you are automatically a member of the Rocky Mountain Chapter. The chapter requests new member lists each time communications are mailed and all new members up to that point will receive mailings.

How many members are in the Rocky Mountain Chapter of SCBWI?
We average around 525 members, with approximately 80% identifying themselves as writers and 20% as illustrators or writer-illustrators. Many of our members are award-winners, both locally and nationally.

I’ve written a book and/or illustrated a book and need to find a publisher. Can RMC-SCBWI help me?
Our Fall Conference and some local events provide opportunities for you to learn from other writers and illustrators as well as network with industry professionals such as editors, agents, and art directors. Take advantage of these events, as well as the wealth of written resources both on our this site and on the main SCBWI site. Check out the FAQs on this page for information, read back issues of Kite Tales, and visit the SCBWI Resource Library where members can download informational documents relating to getting their work published.